Collection of Children

We ask that each child is collected by their parents or another responsible adult over the age of 18. Those with permission to collect must be noted on the admissions forms and any deviations from this must be discussed with the pre-school staff and procedures followed.

Food and Drink

We use lunch and snack times to help children to develop independence through making choices, serving food and drink and feeding themselves.If your child is staying for lunch, please provide a nutritiously balanced lunch box; including a savoury item and 1 piece of fresh fruit (No sweets please).As per recommendations from Early Years professionals we encourage and support our preschoolers to use open topped cups and to drink only water or milk wherever possible to aid healthy development of teeth and speech.  If you have any concerns or questions with regards to this then please speak to a member of staff.
At Bridgerule, you may wish to take advantage of the school dinners that are available, money must be paid on the day.

Provision for Children with any Special Needs

Our Pre-school operates equal opportunities, special needs & inclusion policies which mean that we aim to include all children into all activities wherever possible. This sometimes means gaining funding for appropriately trained staff and / or equipment. We have regard for the DfES Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and will, with consent from the parents / carers, liaise with appropriate outside bodies to ensure that your child receives the best care possible. Please see Policies for a more in depth ethos of our commitment to Special Needs.

Medication & Illness

As part of our inclusion aim, we can administer any medication that is prescribed by a doctor for your child.This will be subject to completion of a “Medication administration form” and agreed with the Pre-school Leader. The child must be well enough to attend preschool.We ask that all children remain absent from pre-school for 48hrs after the last sickness and diarrhoea, and when given anti-biotics. If the child has had a temperature, we ask that they do not attend within 24 hours.

Ofsted Requirements

Ofsted have a variety of requirements that we have to fulfil, some of which we need your support for. At pre-school we recognise that you as the parent/carer know your child best and we therefore ask you to share your knowledge with us; let us know about any new achievements and discuss any areas of concern. You can do this by writing in their communication books, sending them in with a wow sticker, and of course talking to any member of staff. Working together and sharing our knowledge will support the learning and development of your child effectively.

We are obliged to offer a quiet sleep area for all children within the setting. Please discuss with any member of staff if you have any thoughts/concerns.


We aim to have a happy, friendly group and want both the children and adults to feel confident and secure in this important partnership. We hope that your child's time at either Bradford Pre-school or Bridgerule Early Years will be enjoyable. If you are unhappy in any way, however small, please mention it to the staff or Chairperson who will do all they can to help. We cannot do anything about your comments or concerns unless you tell us.

General information

  • PLEASE tell us if someone different from the normal routine will be picking your child up (in person, by phone or text).
  • If you are going to be late picking up could you please ring / text us as soon as possible.
  • Inform us of any change in contact details, child’s health or allergies ASAP.
  • Send you child in old clothes as we do a lot of messy craft activities.
  • Send your child in simple clothing to encourage independence skills.
  • Send you child with the appropriate weather gear i.e. Coats, hats, gloves, wellies, or sunhats according to season. 
  • We encourage children to bring things in from home especially if it is linked to the current theme. Bringing in their own toys can also aid settling in but could you please limit the size and quantity due to storage problems.

Our Charity No. is 1027477    Bradford Pre-school Nursery Ofsted No. 106301    Bridgerule Early Years Ofsted No. EY 416736

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