Committee:             Updated Dec-16

    Chair Ellie Inwood

    Vice Chair Lisa Kepple

    Secretary Lisa Bacon

    Treasurer Steve Gardner

    Other Members: Edwina Williams (Nominated Person)

    Michelle Hands

    Claire Braund

    Lucy Robinson

    Natalie Waters

    We operate within the guidelines of the Pre-school Learning Alliance constitution 2011

    Staff at Bradford: Staff at Bridgerule:

    Playleader  Fiona Parker Playleader  Claire Braund 
    Pre-school Assistant Hayley Johns Pre-school Assistant Sarah Windsor
    Pre-school Assistant
    Lucy Robinson

    Cover / Bank Staff for both settings:  Annette Nokes, Lateasha Angell & Nicola Beer

    Administrator for both settings: Edwina Williams

    There is more information on staff (such as qualifications, training, etc.) in the Admission Packs.